Social loan or social lending: what is it? What are the figures involved? How does it work?

The new vanguard of personal loan is called social loan or social lending. What is this new credit system? What are the figures involved? What is the role of social lending companies? Who is it for? All the features and functioning of social lending and a focus on the current Italian situation. Within the market […]

Loans without guarantor: which loans & benefits; You can request, requirements, reimbursement, advice

If you need a personal loan or a loan for the purchase of your first home, it is not unusual for the bank to require, in addition to personal and income requirements, the presence of a guarantor, a third person who, in the In case of non-payment, insolvency or difficulty in paying the installments for […]

The loan for newborns and for international adoption: the Astro proposals to have up to 5

They are called and known as social loans but in reality they are real funds to support a new birth and the adoption of a child, allowing to sustain the expenses for this new challenge of life, which sees a field come into play of the noblest causes of life. Give a life and give […]

Which economic impact of ancillary costs in a loan?

It is well known that underwriting a loan contract involves an overall expense that concerns not only the reimbursement of the money disbursed, but also a set of elements that together contribute to ensuring that the loan approval procedure is completed. These additional charges are called ancillary. Although in this guide there is already an […]