The loan for newborns and for international adoption: the Astro proposals to have up to 5

They are called and known as social loans but in reality they are real funds to support a new birth and the adoption of a child, allowing to sustain the expenses for this new challenge of life, which sees a field come into play of the noblest causes of life. Give a life and give […]

Interest-free loan in Sweden: how does it work?

  For some time now we have been talking about interest-free loans, a hypothesis considered up to now as a utopia. Now, however, it seems that a simple school hypothesis is about to become a reality, thanks to Jord Arbete Kapital (JAK), the first Swedish cooperative credit bank, which has decided to provide financing at […]

Which economic impact of ancillary costs in a loan?

It is well known that underwriting a loan contract involves an overall expense that concerns not only the reimbursement of the money disbursed, but also a set of elements that together contribute to ensuring that the loan approval procedure is completed. These additional charges are called ancillary. Although in this guide there is already an […]